An afternoon with Expansion Ambassadors

Oct 28, 2022

Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation Ambassadors Function


Expansion Ambassadors and the Foundation Board met in the beautiful gardens of Sophie Mill on Saturday 15 October.  We were blessed with wonderful weather as Newcastle Art Gallery Director, Lauretta Morton OAM updated guests on the expansion and construction timeline and the success of the recent grouting works. Of course, it relies on good Foundations…

Suzie Galwey, Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation Chair spoke of the importance of member Ambassadors who can advocate for and share information about the expansion. This landmark project for Newcastle and the Hunter is at the heart of the city, and Expansion Ambassadors are integral to the community story. The Ambassadors will share their passion for the arts and the Gallery through their networks as we continue our philanthropic work.

Sophie Mill, our host and an Expansion Ambassador, spoke of her desire to engender greater connections with the Gallery and use her connections through schools and art-making to support a fundraising event later next year.

Thank you to the Ambassadors for your advocacy, Sophie and Stuart Mill for your hospitality and Vivian Hayles for photography.

Image credit: Vivian Hayles

L to R: 1. Julia Harrison, Emma O’Neill and Linda MacPhail. 2. Robert Henderson and Cathy Tate OAM. 3. Sophie Mill, Suzie Galwey and Lauretta Morton OAM.

L to R: 1. Ros Greaves and Lauretta Morton OAM. 2. Therese Wildschut. 3. Robert and Lindy Henderson.