King Sun & the Hunter 2016
John Olsen
Acrylic on Linen
200 x 100cm

Purchased with the assistance of the Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation, The Les Renfrew Bequest , the Newcastle Art Gallery Society, Laurel Bale, Experienced Office Furniture, Peter Frost (in memory of Denise Frost), Eric Hardman Family Trust, John and Margaret Tonkin and public donations.

In January 2016 John Olsen accepted the Newcastle Art Gallery’s invitation to create an iconic painting that would capture the essence of his birthplace, to be exhibited in the JOHN OSEN: The City’s Son exhibition. For the artist this project is personal; a reflection on his beginnings. Captivated by the Hunter River and inspired by his charcoal sketches.

‘ The importance of this painting is it reaffirms what they already feel and think. When the picture is shown, they’re going to say “Yes, we can feel that” – the city’s son has preserved the Sun!’